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WordPress themes

Depending on the theme which you choose on, you can change the layout and look of your website including the number of columns, width on the page, colour scheme, font and header. Many of the themes also allow you to upload your own header photo. Click on the links below to see examples of websites using different themes. You can also browse and search via the WordPress Theme Showcase.

2 columns:
~ Almost Spring theme (Dealing with Diversity)
~ Black Letterhead theme (Integrity Music)
~ Blix theme (CV Screen)
~ Bueno theme (STYLIN’ & PROFILIN’)
~ ChaoticSoul theme (bleeding heart narrative)
~ Connections theme (Karmatrendz)
~ Fleur de lys theme (LYRASISMS)
~ Freshy theme (MyMetropole)
~ K2 lite theme (PUSHTOFIRE)
~ Koi theme (JPOPLOVER BLOG)
~ Misty Look theme (Equal Approach, also Terri’s Notebook)
~ Neat! theme (Azurite’s Blog)
~ Ocean Mist theme (Susan Tajra’s Official Website)
~ Pilcrow theme (flying with anna, also Tim Unwin)
~ Tarski theme (Thought Objects)
~ Twenty Ten theme (Obscure Sound 2.0)
~ Unstoppable theme (Gleeds tv Blog)

3 columns:
~ Andreas04 theme (Paranoid Android)
~ Elegant Grunge theme (Babylon Noise)
~ Grid Focus theme (FREE ART LONDON LIST)
~ Twenty-eight Thirteen theme (Michael Haddon)


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Guide to community reporting

~ Do you want to report on something happening in your community?
~ Do you have some basic recording equipment, such as a mobile phone, digital camera, video camera or MP3 recorder?

If so, this guide is for you. It won’t turn you into a professional, but it should get you started and help you avoid some common mistakes. NB: nothing here is intended as the definitive answer – also, as I come from a radio background there are almost certainly some gaps in my video knowledge – comments and corrections are most welcome.

[

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How to set up a website

Some basic information on how to set up a website. I’ll be adding more to this post later, so if you find other resources, or want to tell me how you got on, please feel free to add a comment below.

Best wishes and good luck
[First published March 2010, updated January 2011]

You don’t need any special software or technical skills to set up a website these days. As long as you’re connected to the internet you can use some powerful software packages which are already there.

We’re going to work with two of these:
~ WordPress (to create a blog site) and
~ Ning (to set up a network).

Don’t worry about the details yet – first, have a look at some example websites below. (With thanks to various useful sources, including members of the Digital Engagement network, especially Talk About Local.)

~ The Kington Blackboard (WordPress)
~ Hackney Silver Surfers (WordPress)
~ imMEDIAte learning partnership (WordPress)
~ Shepherd’s Bush (WordPress)
~ womensphere from Women in London (both WordPress)

~ Golden Lane Estate (Ning)
~ Harringay Online (Ning)

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Welcome to Create Media.  Resources, links and tutorials about media from the everyday world compiled by a London-based media freelancer. See also my associated blog Talking Media.

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